Some Windows users report they had to:

  1. Extract compressed 4GB "file.img.xz" into a raw 25GB "file.img" disk image using a free utility like 7-zip
  2. Download and extract Win32 Disk Imager
  3. Right-click Win32DiskImager.exe file and select "properties..."
  4. Select "windows 7 compatibility mode"
  5. Close properties dialog, and insert usb-disk adapter with sdcard
  6. Right-click Win32DiskImager.exe again and select "run as administrator"
  7. Select "file.img" on local hard-drive ( video tutorial )
  8. Select target 32GB SD Card usb-disk drive letter
  9. Write the raw 25GB image file onto the target usb-disk sdcard
  10. Close program, eject drive, and physically remove adapter
  11. Insert sdcard into powered off pi (unplug from wall)
  12. Hook up HDMI and USB cables
  13. Power up Pi