2018 Beta version of Micrometer CNC OS for Raspberry Pi3:

Note, system will show a blank screen and reboot a number of times as the auto-setup scripts run.

Also, see the proper audio output setup process after running an apt update on the pi firmware.

Download Micrometer CNC 4 Raspberry Pi3 [SHA1 | SHA512 | GPG_sig] (3.7GB archive expands to fill 32GB sdcard)

If using the disk-image install methods, we recommend a new class 10 32GB Sandisk micro-SDCard with every annual release.

  • Some Flash memory technology starts to get unreliable after about 1 year of daily use
  • You will have a full OS backup to keep your machine running if something goes wrong in the update

If you did not alter the OS setup text files on the Card before the first boot, than the defaults are:

Desktop user
User login: pi
User password: raspberrypi

Super user for CLI
User login: root
User password: raspberryroot

This release included:

  • OpenSCAD / Slic3R / Pronterface / Marlin
  • Arduino 1.8.x with ESP8266/ESP32 compilers
  • KiCAD 5
  • FreeCAD 18 (with FEM)
  • LinuxCNC with RT kernel
  • VLC with GPU support
  • Inkscape Laser cutter g-code plug-in
  • MATE gnome desktop
  • gcode tools for linuxCNC/EMC2 milling and lathe control
  • and lots more...