The hardware may be configured into several different layouts that best solve a specific type of control problem. There are trade-offs with each type of configuration, but we recommend specific software and firmware along with the physical wire connection sketches.

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Note, in some configurations the motherboard may operate without a raspberry pi, and can be forced to run as a USB peripheral instead. We do not recommend this tethered operation mode for safety reasons, but it allows adding an additional device for more complex machinery.

Common plugs on the device fit most popular hardware people likely are already currently using:

JST XH 2.5mm 4-Pin Female Connector (used on 2 phase bipolar stepper cables)

JST XH 2.5mm 3-Pin Female Connector (for home switch cables)

JST XH 2.5mm 2-Pin Female Connector (for probe cable)

JST PH 2.0mm 2-Pin Female Connector (smaller size for thermometer cables)