Q: Flash or Youtube video/audio does not work in midori web browser

A: This is a complex pi2/3 kernel issue, but simply close midori and reload the browser again.

Q: Audio is noisy or not working

A: Right click the speaker, click properties, and select the proper output repair process.

Q: The RAM drive is only 80MB, so large log files or updates in "RO" mode can cause the system to run out of memory

A: Do not manually update the system while "RO" is active.

Q: RAM intensive compile jobs can't complete and run out of memory

A: We have already enabled a low-priority physical swap file in "/home/root/swap", and for some programs we must use "make" instead of the faster "make -j4"

Q: Is multitasking with LinuxCNC safe?

A: The RT kernels and watchdog timer can be very unforgiving of timing issues, and may reboot the machine if over-stressed. Thus, avoid doing other tasks while an RT application is running on a resource limited pi.