The UVA Resin Curing Chamber is designed to handle SLA Resin printed tall objects. Additionally, the internal rotating platform is solar powered, and can be moved closer to the DOB/COB LED lamps to increase Ultra-Violet light exposure, and help kick off uncured resin leftover from printing solid infill objects.

Assemble and Solder Kit Only


  • three approx. 50W** 390nm-395nm UVA DOB/COB 120vAC LED modules (will work with most 405nm resins like Nova3D)
  • Parts bag
  • Solar powered Rotating platform
  • RTV silicone heatsink glue
  • Foil Tape

Given the hassle of IC/UL/CSA and skin/eye safety equipment with ultraviolet (UV) protection certification, this item must be built by end users themselves. Under such conditions most regions would likely classify the home-lighting product as a lamp (albeit a lamp you never want to look at without eye protection).

Warning: This item gets rather warm during operation, and must use the metal can as a heat sink for the COB LED modules.

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**claimed UVA LED output testing on our local machines suggests the actual light ouput is less:
Total Power consumed was:
0.95A * 118vAC rms = 112.1 watts of power

Thus, the total optical output for all three modules with the claimed COB supply efficiency:
112.1 watts * 93%  efficiency = 104.2 Watts optical