Longer Orange10 SLA Process

STL Slicer setup:

see this forum post for wine+Linux or Windows setup.

Machine setup:

1. always use a fresh set of nitrile gloves when handling the machine (I use an old cookie sheet with paper as a liner to work on)
2. when you first get your printer, loosen the 4 screws on the plate/holder (head will crash if this is not done)
3. install your plate/holder, and empty membrane tray on the Longer Orange
4. open the Gear setting icon, and the manual bed move motion icon
5. press the home z-axis button (bottom middle), and ok warning
6. when build plate homes z-axis, you will see it resting on the membrane
7. lightly push down on each side of plate, and tighten head/plate screws (should sit flat on membrane surface)
8. press the home z-axis button again to check head does not crash
9. fill resin tray 80% full by pouring on to the build plate backing
10. press the home z-axis button again to burp air bubbles off build area a few times
11. press back arrows, select file in root of micro-sdcard
12. press play, and ok

Post print:

1. design your part with an edge so you can leverage it off the build plate (it sticks really well)
2. use roll of tissue paper to absorb uncured surface films prior to solvent bath (SUPER IMPORTANT for size accuracy)
3. wash in 99% Isopropyl alcohol to remove uncured resin in smaller areas (I use an all glass canning jar with the snap-top style rubber seal, and shake it...)
4. wash in 50% Isopropyl alcohol/water to remove uncured resin blobs
5. expose each part's side in a UV lamp chamber to cure remaining resin for 10min (I used the old UV eraser chamber for eproms I had around for a long time)
6. let cure for 24 hours to reach full hardness
7. wash with soap and water to remove chemical residues

Machine Clean up:

1. unbolt build tray (clean off any spills on surface immediately as uncured resin dissolves some plastics)
2. empty contents back into container
3. scrape slime off platform into container with paper card
4.clean up by wiping things down with tissue/TP paper (dispose in plastic bag, or tub in sun)
5. DO NOT EVER EXPOSE MEMBRANE TO WATER like others suggest (it will cause the plastic to bubble) use 99% alcohol on tissue to mop any residue
6. leave printer disassembled to dry solvents (the tray and plate sit propped up at 45 deg next to mine)