The Official Infinity Pi3 CNC Motherboard is designed to handle mills, lathes, and engraver machine control projects. Additionally, the versatile 8-axis platform is designed to support additive processes like 5 color filament based 3D printing.

Assemble and Solder Kit


  • Arduino Mega2560
  • Parts bag
  • (Pi not included)
  • Cables

Motherboard Only


  • Arduino Mega2560
  • (Pi not included)
  • Cables

Fully Loaded


  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Arduino Mega2560
  • 32GB microSD card
  • 750W supply
  • ATXmini Case
  • Cables
  • HDMI Cable

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(a crowdfunding page will be up in a few weeks too)

We wish to share our work building CNC mills/lathes, Laser-engravers, and 5 color 3D-printer controllers. Thus, our project focus has been on a system capable of reusing low cost generic hardware people will likely already have locally for maintenance and experimentation.  The kits include full documentation for anyone that wants to fully understand every part of the design. Several open firmware options are available, and includes scripted Makefiles pre-configured within the Download OS page.

Setup is easy:

  1. Plug in motors
  2. Plug in end-stops
  3. Add hot-end or other laser modules etc.
  4. Install OS
  5. Boot and Install firmware
  6. Calibrate firmware and software for your specific machine