UVA Chamber Assembly


The 120vAC/60Hz wall outlet  voltages involved in building this device can be lethal, and should only be attempted by individuals familiar with municipal wiring standards for appliances/lighting, and comfortable with general electronics. Note the color codes and wall outlet voltages for your country will likely differ from ours, but a similar LED module for 240vAC/50Hz is also available from other suppliers.

The 390nm-395nm COB/DOB 50W LED modules can get very hot 50'C to 90'C.  Note this >100 Watt UVA light should never be viewed without eye and skin protection (it is in a metal bin for a reason, and was not an aesthetic choice by our group). These LEDs will also rapidly cure most 405nm resins we tested, and seems to work well with most 3D model geometry given the optional rotating platform.

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